Project -Interactive Multi-touch Screen

Building Interactive Multi-touch Screen(Academic Project, 2009-10).

Aim:— To build an Interactive Multi-Touch Screen which can sense multiple touches simultaneous and respond accordingly.

Keeping the Interaction concept at the core we(me and my project partner Rahul) have designed and developed the hardware and the software application for our project. After brainstorming/ideation phase, we finalized the hardware design(product design) and the software design. Please go through the images below:

For developing the application i.e. TANK GAME, we have used

1)For tracking the Touch/Blobs:

The Beta, tbeta for short, is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and multi-touch sensing. This T-Beta project is developed and maintained by the NUI Group Community. For more info visit this link

2)For Development and Coding:

Adobe Flash CS4 Pro, for designing and development(action script 3 a.k.a AS3).


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