Mental Practice.

Mental practice is “a form of practice in which individual produce a vivid image of actually performing an activity.”

One woman once applied mental practice to help her master right-hand drive before touring India. In flight and just before falling asleep, she was herself in a car designed for right-hand drive. She drove the roads, imagining she was coming out of a one-way street, entering into complicated turns or traffic patterns. And she said the system really works!

Mental practice can be used as an aid in designing, public speaking, selling, sports, getting along better with others…virtually anything. There are records which says that doctors, lawyers, producers, actors, etc often used to do the mental practice of their jobs/tasks, which as a result during the actual practice/performance they do their job effectively and with confidence.

According to Dr. John C. Eccles and Sir Charles Sherrington, experts in brain physiology, “When you learn anything, a pattern of neurons forming a chain is set up in your brain tissue. This chain, or electrical pattern, is your brain’s method of remembering. So since the subconscious cannot distinguish a real from an imagined experience, perfect mental practice can change or correct, imperfect electrical patterns grooved there by habitually poor playing”. Its pretty obvious that if you are poor in any area say some sports than you can improve your performance by mental practice which changes the electrical pattern. And reverse is also possible that if you have practiced something mentally, and while performing you find some improvement, the electrical patterns changes.

Mental practice is possible at Anytime, Anywhere and by Anyone. You can practice all those stuffs without actually using them so it saves the time and resources. Mental practice helps you to improve your self-confidence, by learning the things effectively and improving your performance. In the post on Mental Walls, as I said that daydreaming/relaxing can be used for mental practice. You can do it anywhere like while driving your car, in think-tanks(washrooms), in flight, before falling asleep at night, and so on, there are lot many ways in which mental practice is possible and its completely safe.

Earl Nightingale says “First learn how to do whatever you want to do properly through instruction..then mentally visualize yourself doing it properly..five minutes at a time..whenever the time presents itself. Mental practice works!” Before becoming President, Abraham Lincoln imagined what he would say and do as president of the US.

One reason mental practice so often shows a prompt improvement is that, for the first time, instead of struggling to remember many confusing “do’s and don’ts” you have a complete pattern for performing. Unfortunately, however, unless you continue visualizing, you’ll lose this ideal pattern and revert old, self-defeating ways. Five minutes now can make a difference. Try it!


So this is it from my side, now its your turn to yep. Feel free to add comments. Let’s share pretty things!

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