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When you have an IDEA write it down.

Do you have any problem? Yes? Thats great. Lets learn how to solve it!

Let your mind incubate the information that has been before you, take each and every possible information you are getting regarding the problem. After this just turn yourself to other things and leave the problem alone in your mind. Put the things out of your mind by going fishing, concentrating on other things, riding a horse, driving somewhere, whatever.

But wait! Do you know what does “putting things out of your mind” means in the last sentence of the above paragraph? Of-course you don’t know! Anyways its ok let me explain to you; “putting things out of your mind” means you must push the problem into your subconscious mind, just like pouring the milk into an empty bowl, like you can do this by concentrating on other things. Then forget it! Get it completely out of your conscious mind and pour into your subconscious mind. When it tries to surface as the same old problem without a solution, push it back down and turn to something else, like if you are getting again and again the same old problem back in you conscious mind without any solution then repeat this process.

After your mind has had a chance to come up with a solution, one day it will come to you. It may be in your sleep, as you walking to work, or any number of other strange place or time.

Incubation is a problem-solving technique used by many creative problem-solvers of the world. Incubation allows you to solve problems you aren’t really worried about or consciously attempting to solve. It allows your mind to search out and solve problems that you may not have even recognized as problems.

Its like your mind needs time and space to search the solution of your problem and this can only be happen in your subconscious mind, thats why you must pour your problem from conscious mind to subconscious mind. And the rest will be taken care by your subconscious mind, if any solution comes up in your mind you will come to know about that consciously and then try that solution and if it doesn’t solves your problem or its not the optimum solution for you then repeat the process.

Many of the great discoveries of our time have come about by mistake. Scientists were working on problems that didn’t pertain to the great discoveries at all.

The great secret to incubation is to write ideas down. When a novel thought strikes your mind, WRITE IT DOWN, so that you can ponder and think about it more in depth later on.

How many times have you had good ideas come to you that you couldn’t remember later on? When you try to recall the “idea”, you can’t. But if you had written the thought down, you may have had the chance to develop a really revolutionary idea by thinking about it more in depth at a later date.

Ideas may come to you in your sleep. If they do, you can be reasonably sure if  you don’t write them down that by morning you won’t be able to recall anything in detail. Carry a piece of paper or book with you and write down your ideas, as soon as they comes up. You might be tremendously surprised at how many good ideas pass you by regularly that you never catch and stop long enough to develop.

Everyone has good ideas; it’s just that most don’t know how to recognize and develop the ideas that they have. Writing things down and allowing you mind to INCUBATE them will help tremendously.

“Fortune Favors The Prepared Mind.” –Loius Pasteur.

What do you think about this incubation technique to solve problems? Do you know any creative technique for solving problem? If yes then just drop something in the comment section and if not then also drop something in the comment section. I just love comments!  🙂
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